Did You Know?

An HOA must hold an election vote before taking any of the following actions:

  1. Electing  or removing any board members
  2. Levying any assessment increases or any special assessments
  3. Amending  the governing documents
  4. Granting exclusive use of the common area to any group that is less than all members

Voting Methods

There are various voting methods options such as:

  • Secret Ballot - a method that does not reveal the identity of the voter and hence the voter remains anonymous. 
  • Written Ballot - the voter’s name or other identification on it and is more of a standard form ballot. 
  • Proxy -a method where certain voters give their right to vote to another voter to be cast.  This is often done when a voter cannot be present at an HOA meeting and perhaps proxy votes are collected in advance of the meeting.
  • Majority Vote – Members present at a meeting are entitled to vote on an issue. More than fifty (50) percent of those members present at a meeting may vote on an issue.

Whichever option, it will be based upon what the homeowners association’s bylaws allow, as well as applicable state law that dictates how such matters must be handled. 

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